Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Clarifications

Hello readers,
My name is Joseph and I am the owner of Moon's Light Magic.
I wanted to post personally on this blog because I feel that I need to express some important things to our internet customers, or individuals who order online through our website.

Having a wiccan/spiritual/occult shop is difficult because of the high demand of the products. You cannot just go to the local Walmart and pick up many of these items that we carry, obviously, so they are in high demand because they can be hard to come by.

Also, most of these products all come from the same vendors, and since there are only a few that make these kinds of products, almost all businesses involved in selling these items go to the same suppliers, which makes stock levels turn over extremely quick.

We carry over 9,000 different products on our website, and roughly 60% of these products come from overseas, with most of them coming from India and China. I wanted to let all our customers know that when items go into back order or run out of stock on our site, it can take weeks before they finally arrive. These products are mostly hand made by our vendors, and it takes time. Also, they are not shipped by plane to the US, they come by boat, which again takes a lot of time.

Our overseas vendors are also not that reliable with keeping us informed as to the status of the products. One week an item can be simply back ordered and the next it can be outright discontinued and we do not get notified that product is no longer available. This can lead to all kinds of complications when ordering online and you buy a product that says in stock yet when you get your order it is on back order. We automatically back order any product and wait for it to arrive then ship it right away to our customers as soon as it comes in

If a product is discontinued, or has gone from back ordered to discontinued, we WILL notify the customer right away and ask what they would prefer to do. A replacement item can be shipped in equal value, or a refund can be granted. If you do not hear from us, then please contact us and we will be more then happy to help you.

We are NOT in the business to stealing or ripping off our customers, if we did this we would be out of business because no one would want to shop with an unethical company. We are willing to do whatever we can to make our customers happy, sometimes no matter what we do this will not always be the case, but we do our best.

We are still a small company, our website has been online since 2007, and our new shop has only been in operation for a year and a half, and with the volume of orders we receive, with our small staff, we do everything we can to make our customers happy.

If you are a customer, have been a customer, or are thinking of purchasing from us and you would like to know the up to date status of items and products, please contact us and we will let you know if indeed it is currently on hand in our warehouse. We try our best to keep the stock levels on our site accurate and up to date, but with as many products as we have and the turn over rate of the products, this can be difficult to upkeep all the time.

We are at the mercy of our suppliers and vendors, but we do what we can to get the products to our customers as fast as possible.

We appreciate all our customers highly, without them, we wouldn't still be here today. Thank you for your time, and patronage.

Joseph Barresi
Owner of Moon's Light Magic


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Tarot Oranum said...

I recently found your fantastic blog and I really like what you have to inform us readers about. But I miss updates on your blog :( Are you going to come with an update soon?
Looking forward to your next post and hpoe that it comes soon :)