Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easy Healing Spell

Here is a quick and easy healing spell.


* 1 Blue Candle
* 1 oz. powdered ginger
* 5 drops eucalyptus oil


Run a hot bath. Add the ginger and the eucalyptus oil. Light the blue candle and turn out the lights. Enter the bathtub, and soak in the bath water. Feel the waters cleansing you of the toxins in your body, and say:

Isis, Goddess who heals all
Release this (name illness: cold, flu, etc.) from me
Make me well again.

Chant this as you feel the toxins leaving your body. When you feel slightly shaky (this will happen!), drain the tub and visualize the toxins washing down the drain. Rinse your body and your tub with cool water, visualizing all of the toxins washing off of your body, and your body becoming free of what you were sick with.

Bring the candle to your room and immediately go to bed, keeping the candle light for a few minutes as you visualize yourself waking up feeling much better.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Glory be unto queen sunlight 25yrs I have be very sick
8yrs ago I survived coma due to the sickness and sometimes
I witness some scratch and when I do I only have symptoms
very strong and sometimes the scratching becomes unbearable,
also have so many disease my tooth burnt to brown I lost my
beauty my body got swollen, there is really nothing I have not
done I lost my job as the result of my illness and all the money
I have made were all spent everything there was no cure I sold my
only car and use the money for drugs there was no cure the only
change I see all for my effort trying to make a living because of
my health I became poor and can't afford drugs anymore for years I
have been praying to die but death did not come I am still very young
25yrs and because of the way I look no suitors came to ask me of marriage.
Then I choose it as my fate maybe that was what I was made for and my i
contacted sunlight through the helpof chan and i did everything she said
that day at 12;00pm somthing woke me up to the bathroom i put the shower
that was how i slept the next day i saw myself been changed and skin became
fresh the fatness in me burnt i became normal that was how she cured me and
also gave me a job the comapany i have applying fpr years i can't last night
the manager called that something tell him to give me this job i am just coming
from now and i want tell you readers if you can't trust spell caster fair enough
people has been complaining but goddess is the key if you need her pls feel free
to email she is real and genuine thanks queen mother i praise