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How to Use 7 Day Jar Candles

7 day jar candles can be a great way for beginners to begin to break into the craft. Quick and easy to use these ritual candles are capable of bringing about ones desires pretty quickly if they are used properly.


7 Day jar candles come in all different makes and sizes including beeswax, soy, and plain paraffin wax. The common element in all jar candles is that the wax is self contained within a glass jar that not only keeps the wax from spilling out and making a mess when being burned but it also allows the candle to stay safely lit for several days in a row.

7 day jar candles can be used as a compliment with your other ritual tools or it can be used as a stand alone tool for a single ritual or spell. 7 day jar candles do come in various different flavors and intents such as for love, protection, energy release, astral travel, and many others.

There is no set restriction in using a 7 day jar candle and an individual can use them in several different ways. We will explain two of the more common methods for using these ritual candles in a ritual or spell.

7 Day Jar Candle Ritual Examples:

The first easier method to use a 7 day jar candle is to sit Indian style on the floor while having the candle placed in front of you about arms length away. Light the candle using your own symbolic meaning and once lit close your eyes and begin to meditate on your intention. If for example your ritual is for a new love then begin to imagine and FEEL the feelings of love and joy you would have being with another person in a happy relationship. It is important that the images you project within your mind are clear and strong and that feelings you radiate are POWERFUL.

Meditate in this fashion for 10-20 minutes and when you feel the energy coursing through you open your eyes and begin to stare into the candle flame once again imagining those images within your mind and feeling those feelings you would have. As you stare into the flame place your hands gently on either side of the 7 day jar candle so that your palms are flat against the glass container.

Begin to transfer your energies from yourself through your body, into your hands, and then into the candle itself. This transfer of energy will ensure that candle is charged and while it burns it will release that contained energy that you have transferred into the candle.

After several minutes of transferring your energy remove your hands and once again close your eyes. Begin your own way and methods of closing out your ritual and dispersing the energy that you built up during the ritual from your body.

Do NOT snuff out the candle and be sure that it remains lit. Pick up the lit jar candle and place it somewhere safe so that it will not topple or fall over such as a high dresser with a flat surface.

Keep the candle lit for seven straight days and try to ensure that it does not snuff out as the burning candle flame is releasing the energy you placed into the candle slowly over those seven days.

After seven days you can safely snuff out the flame of the candle and once that is done we would suggest that you wrap the candle in a dark cloth so it is completely covered and either store it away some where safe or you can bury it into the earth some where such as your back yard.


The other method for a 7 day jar candle is to perform the ritual as we described above but instead of keeping it lit for seven straight days you will perform this example ritual every night for seven straight days snuffing out the flame after each ritual. Therefor you would perform the above ritual and when you are finished you would snuff out the flame. The next night you would repeat this process and keep doing so until it has been seven days in a row.

Some things to watch out for while your 7 day jar candle is lit is the following:

If your candle is burning very quickly then this means that the energy you placed into the candle is extremely strong and it is quickly burning through the candle. This is not bad, this just means that the energy is being released faster and will come back to you more quickly as well (typically within two weeks).

If the candle is being burned slowly this means that the energy is being released slowly and evenly and will come back around to you gently and over time (typically within 30-60 days)

If the jar of the candle cracks while it is lit then this is a very bad sign and means that something went wrong during the ritual. If this happen you MUST remove the candle from your home and bury it immediately as the candle has been tainted with negative energy and if you leave it in your home it could bring about that negative energy onto you.

7 day jar candles can certainly aid you in many ways. And with so many different candles to choose from you certainly will not run out of any ideas on how to use them as they can be used for almost any situation in your life.

If you would like to see examples of 7 day jar candles or if you would like to purchase some you can do so here:
7 Day Jar Candles

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