Monday, January 25, 2010

Trials of the Bloodstone

We are very pleased to announce that we will be carrying an epic dark fantasy novel entitled "Trials of the Bloodstone".


All of us here at Moon's Light Magic simply fell in love with this book and all of its characters that were so life like and real we came to really care about them and what happened to them on their journeys.

Normally we do not announce a single product like this on our blog but we had to make an exception here with this book.

Here is some more information about the title:
Trials of the Bloodstone is an epic dark fantasy novel that spins a grand tale about a mysterious clan that are seeking to rescue an important member of their society that is being held captive by an unknown powerful entity. They will attempt to rescue their clan member by finding a powerful artifact known as the Bloodstone to aid them in their rescue attempt.

When main character Davarian is assigned the task by his clan to find the Bloodstone he finds himself traveling alongside with a mysterious member of his own society as well as an unlikely band of bounty hunters that he does not trust.

Davarian does not realize however he will find himself knee deep in dragons, alien creatures, and dark evil powers all looking stop him on his quest to secure the Bloodstone and to free his fellow clan member.

Anyone who is interested in epic fantasy, dark fantasy, or fantasy in general will really enjoy this title and we are happy to carry it.

If you would be interested in purchasing Trials of the Bloodstone you can do so here:
Trials of the Bloodstone

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