Thursday, October 9, 2008

Purification And Cleansing Tools

*This post is from a special guest writer who wished to spread some of her own knowledge about Purification and Cleansing Tools. Thank you Ronnie!*

"The spiritual first-aid kit for home and self"

From the very moment I learned about using purification and cleansing tools, and rituals.
I began putting them to use. My personal journey with these ancient tools has led to many
times of empowerment, and are an endless source of strentgh for me.

My first, and my favorite of these is "Sage"... It has been used for century's by the
(beloved), Native American Culture. Also at times I use "Sweet Grass Braids" which is
another tool used by some Native American Nations.

Secondly, I have always used "Incense". There are many kinds, and just as many uses...
The two that I use primarily are "Frankincense" and Myrrh Resin.
The last but by no means least, of my collection is "Blessed Olive Oil". Blessed by a
member of the Priesthood. Alongside of these special tools, are of course the Prayers and

These are of personal choice, depending on your area of faith or spiritual beliefs.
I have many beliefs and I see truth everywhere, so mine are varied, according to my needs.
There are many other tools out there...These listed are simply the ones of my preference.
It is my belief, through many personal experiences, that these tools and prayers, or rituals
are indeed worth researching, and making use of, especially if you feel uneasy or bogged down
by negative energies or people. They can also, in my opinion, help at times in lifting anger
or depression...

In Love, and Light..
Best Wishes,

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