Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wiccan Supplies vs WitchCraft Supplies

Whats the difference between wiccan supplies and witchcraft supplies? The answer is quite simple....

There really is no difference between wiccan supplies and witchcraft supplies. The terms are just a preference people use to label the supplies they need for their craft, and is only a matter of personal tastes.

Many different people believe that there are differences between wicca and witchcraft, when truthfully, there really isn't any difference. The definition of a witch is one who practices magick and the occult and one who can cast spells. The term "witch" is more of a generic term, like how many people say "kleenex" over "tissue".

In wicca, individuals perform rituals, cast spells, and engage in ceremonies which in theory would make them a witch.

Usually individuals who practice wicca will use the term "wiccan supplies" or "altar tools" while others who practice magick and the craft on their own being part of no social religious faiths or beliefs will usually use the term "witchcraft supplies" or even "occult supplies".

All the supplies and tools are the same. Whether it is a wiccan, pagan, occultist, shaman, or any other individual who performs rituals, they use the same or very similar supplies.

Incense, ritual candles, and oils are perhaps the most common within any personal faith to use for their rituals and spells. Incense, candles, and oils are essentials within wiccan supplies and witchcraft supplies list as they have the broadest uses. You can buy individual incense, candles, and oils for specific purposes, or you can buy incense, candles, and oils that cover a few categories at one time.

Athames, chalices, wands, and cauldrons are popular wiccan supplies within the wiccan faith. However, all of these are also used by other faiths because of how useful they are. Cauldrons make excellent tools for burning various items, especially paper because cauldrons are made of cast iron and do not burn or melt unless under extreme long exposure to heat.

After all how many times do you see depictions of a witch with her broom and cauldron? As stereo typical as this may be, it is true that cauldrons and brooms are two of the more popular wiccan supplies and witchcraft supplies.

So as you can see the difference between wiccan supplies and witchcraft supplies is like compairing apples and oranges, there really is nothing to compair as they are very much the same.

If you would like to view various wiccan supplies and witchcraft supplies such as athames, chalices, cauldrons, besom brooms, and other common tools of the craft, you can view some here:

Wiccan Supplies & WitchCraft Supplies

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