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How To Banish Demons

There is nothing more frightening or disturbing then to have the feeling you have a powerful negative force lurking inside of your home or following you around where you may go.

Demons and negative entities are actually more common then people may think, and if you are not careful, you can become a victim to their attacks and predatory nature, feeding off your energies like a leech drains blood from the body.

How Demons Invade your Life

The most common way for any demon to come into this plane of existence is through a door way or portal. This usually happen when inexperienced practitioners of the craft or even individuals just "fooling around" with these forces begin using divination tools such as ouja boards, pendulums, crystal balls, and especially scrying mirrors.

These tools are meant to be able to see into the future, or to give warning of events that may happen that can possibly be avoided. However, unfortunately, when anyone uses these tools they are calling upon the spirit realm to help them find the answers they seek. Their tools suddenly become open doorways into that world, and just as easily as good entities can come forward to help, negative entities can come forward to attack.

In most homes that are haunted by negative demonic presences, it is usually by these means. Occultists and inexperienced crafters use these tools, open the doorway, the entities come out and they wind up being stuck here. Usually people who cannot immediately sense these entities have no idea they pulled them out, and because of this, they close their ritual without ever knowing something may have stepped through. The demon presence is then trapped here, and begins to look at this as a perfect opportunity to wreck havoc in people's lives.

Other means of these creatures stepping through are through group rituals and ceremonies where occultists may purposefully summon a demon for whatever reason they may have in doing so. Again, the same rules apply as the divination tools, however the methods are a bit different.

Occultists in groups will make a circle and then if they are summoning a demon something will have to represent a "pit". A pit can be anything from a crawl space in the basement to even a closet(it has to be something that is enclosed though to represent the pit or doorway).

As the occultists begin their work, they perform their ritual or ceremony and using various tools, herbs, oils and incense summon these creatures forward. Most often times when the demons step through the people summoning them have no idea what they are in for, or they believe they have taken enough protective means to spare themselves from the demons wrath. Depending on the demon and how strong it is, this may or may not be the case. If the demons are able to penetrate through protective barriers then the occultists who summoned it will be in serious trouble and danger.

How To Expel And Banish A Demon

Expelling or banishing a demon is NOT easy. In fact, it is tremendously difficult to do this if you do not know what you are doing.

Many people commonly turn to religious means and their faith. Christians, for example, will go to the church and request an exorcism of the actual house(if it is the house that is haunted and not an individual). The priest will then come and bless the house going to each and every room saying a prayer while shaking holy water as he does.

With weaker entities this may help, but in most cases this normally just aggravates and enrages the demonic essence even further. One priest is usually not enough to expel a powerful demon from a home. The best method for this would be to have the priest, and anyone who lives within the home ALL perform a blessing on the house together.

When this takes place, the priest, and the people who reside in the home all gather into the most used room of the house. They make a tight knit circle and all begin to pray and chant together, following the priest's prayer.

Again this is the best means to perform this. Unfortunately however, not everyone has the luxury of having their local church willing to perform something like this. Other people are not Christian and would not want to turn to the church.

In these cases then it is best for the individuals living within the home to confront the demon personally. Again, proper knowledge and tools can aid you tremendously in this task.

One way of being able to expel a demon without the help of the church, would be to find some sage smudge sticks, holy water, and various washes and oils that represent protection, purification, and banishing.

The first step once you have these items, would be to take your protection, banishing, holy water or purification oil or wash, and place it in a spray bottle(if the constancy of the oil or wash is thin enough for this) and begin to spray and mist every room of the home saying a prayer as you do so or words of power such as:

"Demons that have come in my home, I do not stand alone. I banish you back to whence you came, I am the protector, the saving light, and your ultimate bane"

The above is just an example, you can say your own or use this, whichever you prefer. The important thing to remember is you must be STRONG and DEDICATED and SHOW NO FEAR as you perform this.

After misting every room, you will then light your sage incense stick and walk through each room once again saying the same prayer as before. Ensure the stick is smoldering and the smoke is thick enough.

After this you can even go a step further and place protection based gemstones into every room of the house. Gemstones can be cheap or expensive depending on the size and quality, however, they do wonders especially if you place them by your bed while you sleep. Good protection stones are amethyst, malachite, citrine, and the biggest one of them all, quartz.

These steps should help you in expelling a demon or sending it back to where it came. If this does not work, or it does not help, you may have to call professionals in see what they can do. Various psychics, paranormal teams, and skilled people in these subjects hold a wealth of knowledge and abilities able to help you if you have need of it.

There will be a future hub on how to banish demons from an individual, or most commonly called possession.

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