Monday, August 18, 2008

How to make magic happen

Of course there are as many ways to perform magic as there are people doing it. This is my own personal opinion and preference. There are no rights and wrongs in magic, so do what feels right for you. Magic should not be performed for fun or to fulfill wishes. It should be performed to improve your life and the lives of those you love by solving NEEDS.
Enough chit-chat, right? Let's move some energy!

Step One: First, KNOW in your mind YOU HAVE THE POWER WITHIN YOU to achieve this goal. (Think of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz)

As you gather all the supplies needed for the spell such as candles, stones, incense and oils, visualize your goal. I could talk about this subject for days, but for the beginner I will keep it simple. Take deep breaths and relax with no distractions. SEE THE GOAL IN YOUR MIND; play it like a movie in your head.

For instance, perhaps you have a bill to pay. See yourself writing the check for the amount due and filling out the bill, then mailing it. It is paid in full! Imagine this scenario over and over, KNOWING you have the power within you to make this happen. Or, say you gained a few pounds over the holidays and you want to lose weight. SEE yourself as you would LIKE to be. Close your eyes and in your mind start at your head, seeing how you WILL look when the goal is achieved. Let your eyes travel down your body inch by inch SEEING the NEW YOU!
Touch the objects you will be using as you visualize, releasing energy into the items. Feel the muscles in your body flexing as you work, lighting candles, incense and such, all the while still visualizing. Spells usually involve a chant or prayer of some sort (all to help with staying focused on the goal). Follow the directions for the spell you are casting. (See examples below).
See the goal and know that energies are moving. Continue this as long as you can, then relax.
I believe in the theory of cast it, and then forget it. This simply means, give the spell all you've got when you perform it, and then go on with life. Don't sit around waiting for something mysterious to fall out of the sky; begin taking physical steps to achieve the goal also. You may want to perform the spell daily until the goal is achieved. We all have the power to make positive changes in our lives if we will only ALLOW it to happen.
Most of all, have fun! And if you need any materials, ingrediants, or items for these spells or others you want to perform, you may get them at online store i mentioned in my previous post
Moon's Light Magic.
Some sample spells:
Love Spell: Attract A Mate
Attract the LOVE of your life with this simple yet powerful spell. You will need a sampler size of your favorite scent and a pink candle.
First carve a heart in your candle with a tack or toothpick. Light the candle in a window where it will receive moonlight (the light of the full moon is best). Put the scent container in front of the candle and say, "Venus, grant me the love that I lack; through this scent, my mate attract!"
Let the candle burn out naturally, then carry the scent with you, spraying on a little whenever you are out or may be meeting people. Increase the power of the magic by repeating the invocation as you put on the scent.

To Get a Lover To Call
This spell is best begun when the moon is waxing, but if you cannot wait that long, go ahead and do it.
Take a photo of your lover and a photo of yourself. Using a paper clip, hook the photos together so that the faces are on top of each other. The idea is that the person cannot see past your face. Take the photos and place them at the bottom of your underwear drawer. The person should soon write, call, or reappear.

Money Spell: Attract Prosperity
The following is said while making nine knots in green, 13-inch silk cord or ribbon:
By knot of one, my spell's begun
By knot of two, plenty fruitful work to do
By knot of three, money comes to me
By knot of four, opportunity knocks at my door
By knot of five, my business thrives
By knot of six, this spell is fixed
By knot of seven, success is given
By knot of eight, increase is great
By knot of nine, these things are mine

Prosperity Oil
This classic prosperity oil has been used for at least 100 years. It is best made on a Thursday and is believed to be most effective if allowed to sit for three weeks after mixing.
A small green piece of fabric may be anointed with the oil and carried in the purse, or the oil may be worn as a perfume.
Omit the base oil if you wish to use with an aromatherapy oil warmer.
◦ One part basil powder
◦ One part spearmint essential oil
◦ One quarter part cinnamon essence
◦ Six parts base oil (virgin olive, sunflower, or light mineral)
Mix all ingredients carefully and put into a dark glass bottle. Allow it to sit for at least three weeks then strain through a cheesecloth or muslin to remove the basil powder residue. Keep a small coin in the bottle and keep away from direct sunlight.

A Magickal Powder to Create Harmony in the Workplace
Is your office or building stressful? (Whose isn't?) Try this to make your workplace full of harmony and peace. Sprinkle this magickal powder around when no one is looking. Create this powder on a Thursday evening for the strongest possible mixture.
◦ 3 drops of rose oil
◦ 5 drops of sandalwood oil
◦ 7 drops of lavender oil
◦ a handful of talcum powder
◦ a teaspoon dried and powdered chamomile flowers (if available)

Mix everything but the talc together in a ceramic bowl with a fork until well blended. Add the talcum powder and mix well. Visualize a warm blue light building and radiating from the powder as you mix. Do this until you are satisfied and gently pour the powder into a little paper envelope or sachet. Take it work the next morning.


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Great post ,I really like this one.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, you say in your post the "Magic should not be performed for fun or to fulfill wishes." The latter on after you go through step one you write "Most of all, have fun!"

So if you're saying have fun while doing the spell then we're doing the Magick for fun, yes?

Are we suppose to have fun or not have fun when doing spells? This can be very confusing for people who are just starting out and they get conflicting information.

Oh and this isn't some random person being silly, I like reading your posts so it's a genuine comment/question.